Thursday, March 21, 2013

Strange Change

This is in my top three. After "The Hotel" and "A Change in our Marriage", Daisy Boon's "Strange Change" is the third story that always seems to be in my "last read" area of my Kindle.

Many of Daisy's other works deal with more direct Femdom and I find them less appealing. They often read like a narrator on a sport's field rather placing me in the minds of the characters, but she has three books that deal with the more gentle, teasing side of TG (which is my favorite).

This is by far her best. First, there are grammatical errors and the ending is a disaster. I think she was trying to give meaning to the story, to set up the nature behind this magical journey, to set up the sinister motivation, but it didn't work for me (and for a few others, judging by the reviews). I think the ending was unnecessary, but as a writer of this type of fiction myself, I can tell you, endings are tough.

So, that's what I don't like about the book, but there is a lot I like. It contains the elements I enjoy in a good TG story. There is a seduction, not only of the main character's journey from male to female in mind, body and spirit, but also his struggle to accept what he has become and more importantly his delicious struggle to not go "all the way". It's a struggle probably ever natural woman has had in her youth, and it's that virginal struggle that is so wonderful here. Our hero(ine) struggles valiantly not to give in to the temptation of being made a real woman, all the while the men around him surrender, one by one, adding peer pressure. They all are made to surrender in a very public way as well, on a stage in front of their wives and the other transformed men.

The guides, the situations, the themes of the days ("Today is an obedience day") all work to create more and more pressure, and I think it's interesting that soon after the transformation of the men they are all forbidden from having penetrative sex. They can only tease and be teased. There's nothing like being told you can't have something to make you want it.

There is a magical, dreamy quality to the entire story which is wonderful. While Daisy never directly tells you what the magic spell is, she does hint at it, providing descriptions of the newly transformed "girls" reacting to the touch and taste and attraction of their male guides' cum. You get the sense that with each touch, each taste, as the cream soaks into their skin, as it fills their bellies, they are somehow drawn deeper into the spell that is re-creating them.

It's a good ride. If this story were re-written and the ending changed, it would be five stars for me. As it is, the ending kills one star, but I can overlook the grammatical issues to keep it at four stars.

And let's face it, once I'm done reading it, I usually flip back to the beginning and start all over again.


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