Monday, July 1, 2013

Her Turn: Where is my Update?!?

Her Turn. Yes. Is it ready? No.

Strange as it may seem, I don't just write sexy transgendered feminizing tales. I write other fiction as well under other names.

I honestly thought I could finish another story and get it published, then return and write on Her Turn in time to make my usual 18th update.

But, sadly, I'm still writing the next part of  Her Turn and it will probably July 18th before I get it published. And by published I mean, I upload it, contact Amazon and it takes them about 2 weeks to activate the update feature. That's a bit of an irritation I hadn't counted on, but understandable, and for what Amazon provides, I really can't complain.

I'm working on the ending of Her Turn just now. It can't go on forever as much as fun as that might be. I love Tom and Christine, but there are other sexy little feminizing tales I would like to dive into. I've always wanted to write a follow up to the TG Rock and Roll band in the future and to do a follow up to my sexy salesman turned into a sexy android tale. I miss sci-fi.

Stories to look out for:
On the plus side, Ann Michelle has a new story coming out soon.

Fiona Piper has a new story out, entitled Sissified Boss.

Deborah Ford  has revised If You Must and added some new material.

Stay tuned, I'm hoping to have the finished version of Her Turn published by July 18th.