Monday, March 11, 2013

A Change in Our Marriage - Sara Desmerais

First, you can't go wrong with any of Sara's work. All of her fiction is sweet and teasing and full of all the elements that I appreciate in a good feminization story. The wives, girlfriends, etc. seem to genuinely love and care for their boys, and seem to genuinely enjoy feminizing them. Out of all them, and there are quite a few (Her New Husband, Room and Board, The Sissy Pilot, Mother-in-Law's Visit, The Photo Shoot, He's The Bride), this one is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's the first one I read. It may be, and that might have created some bias for me.

If "The Hotel" was the quintessential maid story (and for me it is), this is the epitome of the feminization, cuckold fantasy. By epitome, this is what I mean. A good summary of this genre is this:

  1. Wife finds out about husband's fantasy: cuckolding and feminization.
  2. Wife eases, teases husband into the fantasy.
  3. Husband has his "careful what you wish for" experience.
  4. Husband ends up delightfully feminized and in heaven while his wife teases him with other her lovers.
Okay, maybe that's not a genre exactly, but I've read tons of these types of stories, and Sara's is the best out of all of them. Sara (the character in the story) is highly manipulative, but not in an overtly aggressive way. On the contrary, she teases, she questions, she persuades, and she uses his desire and pleasure against him in a way that makes it impossible for her husband, John, to resist. He struggles. He squirms. He pulls away, but she won't let go, and she even uses some little horse training metaphors along the way. She has a plan. She knows where she is leading him. He knows somewhere in his heart, but just can't admit to himself. Most important of all, they're both in heaven as she sweetly ushers him further into his fantasy than he ever would have dared.

Sara (the author) has good writing skills. That's important. Especially when I read so much fiction that sounds like someone calling a play in football. There's never a moment when we don't feel and know what's going on inside of John. There's never a moment when we don't experience his anguish and ecstasy. The narration is solid, but it's the dialogue between husband and wife that makes this book what it is. It's watching Sara (the character) gently directing John's mind, leading him where she wants him that makes this book one of those pieces of fiction that I read over and over.

I have a few books that I always seem to be reading. Sara Desmerais's "A Change in our Marriage" is one of them. When I get to the end, I flip back to the beginning and watch it unfold all over again.

The ending is a natural feeling ending, and it's thrilling, and it establishes where John and Sara will now be. The point of no return. The change.

A Change in Our Marriage


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