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NEW: Pinsedo

Pinsedo is the new book. I won't explain the meaning of the title; there's a little twist to it.

I'd started writing this before Femmer, but it wasn't flowing very well and I lost interest. Maybe it was just the Halloween season. My brain (or libido) decided it wanted a little Halloween tale. At 226 pages (estimated by Amazon), it's a longer story than I have been writing.

One of the things I'll say is that I'm really happy with the cover. The next thing I'll say is that due to the small size of covers on Amazon and other places, you can't always see the hard work that goes into making covers. It's a process of trying to make titles pop and making images big on a small space.

I download my pictures from Dreamstime (legal and paid for, just so you know), and it doesn't usually cost but a few dollars. I usually start with an idea and when I can't find a picture that accomplishes it, I go to plan B: Find a picture that makes an impact when I first view it and that is roughly representative of the story I've written. A prime example is Femmer. I had really wanted a pretty female face being touched by a pretty female hand, but nothing quite worked. In the end, I found a sexy witch and put the titles over it.

One of the issues I've noticed is I can't just find a perfect photo. Especially when it's of a person, I have to find one where the top of her head isn't cut off or I know I'm going to have compensate for that on the cover. In most cases I'm going to manipulate the photo a little, but if I find I'm spending hours and hours (or will have to), then that means the photo is just too far off or my concept has to be adjusted.

In the early days I'd just draw what I wanted, but I'm not that good of an artist and it would take a long time and I still wouldn't be happy with it. At this point, I'm pretty happy looking for royalty free photos. It's fun to go searching for them and to collect photos that I think might work.

Usually, before I actually pay for the photo, I make a copy (ignoring the Dreamstime watermark) and do a quick mock-up. Once I've got the mock-up where I like it, if the cover works, then I buy the photo and do it all over again.

I can't say I have another idea in mind for what's next, but I'm considering doing a follow up to The Pink Doll. The idea would be I take each of the shorts and continue it with another short. So, "A for Amanda" would have "B for Betty" as the next story (or something like that). It would be like 4 continuing short story series. Thoughts?

I did get some nice emails from people who responded to different stories. Some people wanted more of Mistress Valentina ("The Mighty Fall but with a Finger"), a story about how Mistress Valentina teaches her bull a lesson about sympathy for her feminized victims by betting him she can break him with just the touch of one finger. I had some other strong comments on "The Interview", a story about a wife discussing the results of her husband's maid feminization with the institution's Mistress. It seems like the less romantic stories tend to get the most notice, which is a shame because I love romance.

As always, I value your time and attention and if you send me notice of grammar / spelling errors from any of my books, I'll be happy to send you the free book of your choice.


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Femmer - A Halloween treat!


Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Here in Texas, it's hot. It's not Arizona, but it's close. So, when Fall begins, we start to see the weather change (finally) and that first little chilly snap always makes me feel creative and sexy.

I don't know if anyone has been fortunate enough to have a woman (or a man) hit on you, but it's a nice feeling. It doesn't happen every day, but when it happens I savor the feeling.

Put together these two things and you have the reason I wrote Femmer. I've been looking for a plot I could be passionate about and I wasn't finding it. I'd started on a story about a detective searching for a lost girl, who had mysteriously disappeared (seemingly "voluntarily") after she went to work for a company, but it just wasn't hitting the right notes. So, I started thinking about Halloween and the next thing I knew I was writing on this every day.

This is what happens when you have a story that excites you. There is no feeling of "I should be writing"; there is only a feeling of "I can't wait to write on that some more."

It's playful (I hope), sweet and has quite a bit of sex, and some rather intense sex at that. I hope the sex scenes aren't too over the top.

The idea here started with "what would happen if every time a guy had an orgasm he found himself becoming more female?" Add Halloween, add this very attractive woman about my age hitting on me, and you get Femmer.

There's been a bit of a love fest, too, lately between myself, Solar Harris, John Dylena and Ellen Dominick on Twitter. Oh, nothing huge, just a little mutual adoration, but it's important. Here's why. Because we are all authors that love good fiction, good stories, good writing and good will (and a fair amount of good happy fun sexy time (as the Japanese say). I don't know about you, but I've bought my share of fiction in plenty of genres where it didn't seem like the author cared about their work, but was just looking for a quick buck. I've got nothing against a quick buck, but you should love what you do and you should care that your audience gets value for the money they give you.

In the Ebook market it's simple enough to simply switch pen names and start over, but there's something special to me in building a group of followers who like what you do. They may not love everything you write, but they trust that you care enough to write well and to give them an interesting plot.

I won't go into much about Femmer, but to say it's a story about a couple who run afoul of a witch and end up having sex and change come into their lives, and hopefully it's not quite as predictable as you might guess.

A big thanks to Selkie, too, who has emailed me with grammatical errors and compliments and criticisms. I really do enjoy that kind of thing. I want my stories to be better.

If you see a misspelling or have a criticism, you know where I am. Don't be shy. I have been known to send free books to people for helping me out.

Happy Halloween to all you spooks, ghouls, girls, gurls and everything in between!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

NEW BOOK: The Pink Doll

Is the cover too bland, you think? I'll have to see it once it's on Amazon. If it's too blank and uninteresting, I guess I'll have to redesign it.

Yeah, but what is it about?

Okay, "The Pink Doll" is a short story about a boy who is in a relationship with a girl, only the girl is kinky, see? So once when he's tied up and blindfolded, he accidentally sees this pink doll sex toy she has. Ah, and then, she forbids him from playing with it, and then of course he has to know what it's all about.

There are 3 other stories, since "The Pink Doll" was a short and I didn't want to offer it for .99 cents.

"A is for Amanda", which is about a boy named Alan running to play Grandmother's game for the Summer. Although his mother is rather worried about the game, she has enjoyed having a little girl around the house each Summer, but this particular year, Grandma decides to switch things up and change him into a hormonal teenage girl. Fun and excitement ensures. The idea behind this change is that Grandma is able to hold onto to Alan's soul or memories while switching his existence with another version of himself (or herself) from a parallel dimension.

The third story is called "The Interview". So, Susan is meeting with Mistress Monica, and lovely, perfect, gorgeous Monica is giving her the up close and personal how to of her process. Then she marches out her lovely prototype, Maid Candi, which just happens to be Susan's husband. I'll stop right there and let that just hang in the air, unfulfilled. Muah.

And finally the last story, which concerns me because I have 2 Femdom stories back to back. . . . the last story is "The Mighty Fall but with a Finger". Rod "breaks" sissies for Mistress Valentina, meaning he uses his amazing cock to fuck her sissies in just the right way to give them an enromous prostate orgasm, which is so intense it makes them melt and give up the last of their maleness, turning them all girly inside. Valentina, however, criticizes him for not being a little more sympathetic. "They love me," Rod tells her. "No, they love your cock," she corrects. "Same thing." But is it? Rod, the poor sap, allows himself to be talked into a bet with the Mistress. She swears she can make him beg to be feminized. He thinks not.

So there you have it. It's not a new book, but I needed a break after "So You've Been Transformed into a Woman". That thing exhausted me. On a side note, I'm considering moving away from the TG themed stories and moving into a more mainstream genre like erotica BDSM aimed at women or maybe even just straight out romance. I'm not in it for the money, but it has crossed my mind that if I decided to write things that brought in a decent monthly, annual salary, I might change jobs to something less stressful.