Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Book: BELIEF (Nine Portals)

The new book is up!

I've lined up nine, count them, nine stories in this series, but so far I've only written the first four.

I know where the fifth story goes, but I've been plagued by thoughts of another story. I'm not sure I want to take a detour from the Nine Portals series. Whenever I've left and come back to series before (in the non-TG related genres), I've lost the whole feeling of them. So, even though another story involving a wife and husband both becoming maids calls to me, I'm thinking I should stick with the series I started.

As you can see, I've also begun using photo covers, instead of drawing my own. Maybe it makes a difference; maybe not. I've not yet made a determination, but it does make the book look more professional.

I spent a lot of time actually looking at other covers, mostly from romance novels, but also mainstream and of course, the TG genre, just to get a feel for what's out there and what works best. I have to keep in mind when I'm making these that the covers are shrunken down to practically thumbnail size, so something that looks great in my photoshop doesn't look so hot when it's 1/8th the size. I guess that's what cartoonists have been complaining about for decades.

As a brief summary, the Nine Portals series will be a nine part serial about a wildly successful software engineer / CEO who gets invited to play a computer game. This isn't a console game though; it's created by a super computer that has learned to use a super collider to accelerate particles in small intense moving fields called "Portals".

Each level of the game (one per story) places him into a highly submissive female body in (of course) sexually charged situations. The heart of the story is the super computer. What does it want? What is it really doing? What is its end game?

I have it all worked out, but I have to fit into pieces over nine stories.

Four down, five to go, lol.

Part 1: Belief - Henry Young wakes up in the past in a woman's body, mesmerized and manipulated into fulfilling a man's deepest sexual desires.

Part 2: Surrender - Henry wakes up in the body of a barbarian queen about to meet her greatest enemy, only to be utterly seduced by him.

Part 3: Isolation - Henry wakes up in the body of Kiki, a "bubble girl", which is sort of a virtual cam girl in the future, a future where people can login and feel, smell, touch and do anything they wish if they have enough credits.

Part 4: Identity - Henry is an android maid, programmed to serve an unhappy couple. With what little free will "Fifi" has, she plans to serve her Mistress in the best way possible.

Part 5 is not yet written and therefore I haven't nailed down a title yet, but the idea is that Henry will find himself in a whore's body in the future, mostly human female, but with just a touch of feline, falling in love with a dashing pirate on the run from the law.

Part 6 - 9 . . . I have no idea. I think I won't know until each part is waiting for me to write it.