Saturday, December 28, 2013

News: Nine Portals: Henry's Game - Untitled?

Is this who I will become after I read the new series of books from Tom Tame?!?
This delicious woman is as perfect as I can imagine. What about you? Is she not to your taste? Do you prefer blondes, redheads, larger breasts . . . something else?

I'm crazy. I've always known it, but sometime it becomes obvious.

I've had a little idea about a very rich man being approached with a "game" and finding that the game turned him into a woman. That's all I had, but after finishing Redemption at the Rose Saloon, I decided to try writing on it a little to see if I had anything.

A week later, I revised it by deleting the first page or so. This is actually pretty common with me as I find I frequently have to write my way into a story the long way around.

So, there I am writing when I come to a part where the main character, Henry Young, finally asks what the name of the game is.

The answer is: Nine Portals.

It dawns on me much later that if Henry has only played the first level of the "game" and interacted only with the first "portal" then that means I have eight portals left to write.

Why do I do this to myself? That means I have nine stories to write, nine books.

So at this moment, I've begun the fourth book in the series. I originally intended to publish it whole, but realized it would be very long and that I really liked the idea of a series, but I want each of the books to be self contained. If you buy book three, say, it's whole and you don't need to have read the other two books to understand what's going on.

This means I have to write either an introduction to each story (which frankly feels a little like cheating) or I have to slip in the pertinent details of the other books so that the reader won't be scratching their head.

Each book will be Henry's journey into a world where he struggles with a new female form, but each will also advance the overall story of why this happening and where it will all lead.

I'm ready to post the first book now, but I want to take some time and do one more revision before I let it go. The process of asking Amazon to activate the update feature is a little annoying to me, so I'd prefer not to do that.

On another note, I changed the cover to Redemption at the Rose Saloon. I'm curious to see if it will make a difference. The other cover was hastily put together and I didn't like it. I have no plans to change any of the other covers, but in the future I'm really considering going with the photographic covers, rather than the illustrated ones.

Searching for royalty free images has been interesting. I did a lot of research and reviewed the books of those that I enjoy and I found that not many authors are crediting their image sources. Also, most of these places have language about not having their photos used in porn. Here's hoping they mean on pornographic sites and not as ebook covers to erotica.

At the moment, I've chosen Dreams Time as my source because they A. have a buy per image rate rather than forcing a subscription on you, which isn't worth it to me because I'm not downloading enough images to justify the expense and B. they don't seem to have the same TOS as some of the other sites.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do I Love Women Too Much?

What an odd thing to wonder! Can you love anything too much? Any thing? Yes, certainly, alcohol, sugar. But people? Can you love a gender too much or a race or an age group? Perhaps.

I can only think of two times in my life where I was not hopelessly in love with women. And by "in love" I do not mean just their bodies (although those are delightful), but also the way they think and speak and even the puzzling way they feel about things.

1. High School - Hey, there was a lot going on. I was in love and it was a high drama relationship. I wanted my dream girl, but that's not who I was dating. I loved the girl I was dating, but she wasn't my dream girl. There were lots of highs and far too many lows. When we were in love, we loved in a manner that is difficult to attain as an adult. We kissed until our mouths were numb . . . maybe because it was new. Maybe because we were too young to have anything better to do. It was the lows that made me wonder about women. It was the hurt that made me dislike women.

I got over it.

2. Divorce - Honestly, a divorce is a simple way to put your guts and psyche through the spin-cycle. I honestly was angry at all women for the behavior my ex-wife displayed. They didn't say what they meant. Why didn't they just ask for what they wanted instead of being so indirect, leaving breadcrumbs, clues for us thick-skulled boys to try and figure out? When she wanted something and I managed to give it to her, she found she didn't want it anymore or maybe realized she'd never wanted it. I blamed all women for awhile.

I got over this, too. It's funny that a lot of the things that angered me about female behavior I now value as being wonderfully feminine. A lot of the traits I applied to all women could really just be attributed to my ex-wife, who was struggling and in pain and looking for happiness. I'm sad to say I don't think she's found it. I honestly hope she does, because now that I'm not angry at her anymore and I acknowledge my failures as a friend, husband and lover, I find I really want her to be happy somewhere with someone.

It's funny that the female characters I write tend to often be a device designed to help introduce the male character to his own feminine side, though that feminine side is usually a hyperbolized, stereotypical portrayal of a female. Well . . . maybe that's only funny to me.

My entire life I've always been a little more comfortable in a group of females than I ever was in a group of males. I like men well enough, but I find them boring. Women are fascinating and they smell delicious and there's always the chance I'll get to see them naked, lol. Being the only guy in a group of women gets you a lot more attention, by the way, though not necessarily laid. But you do gleam some insights that help with that as well.

As an aside, I ran into a small block today while writing. It was surging along pretty well, but then I just sort of ran out of steam. So now I'm writing this blog and figuring out a way to get back into that spell.

It's called Nine Portals. It's a little sci-fi, a whole lot of TG, and probably a lot less feminization and more of a transgender transformation type story. I really enjoyed writing other Sci-Fi TG. I'll list a few below:

Gulliver's Planet - Terri is the best salesman in the Universe and he's ready to sell his wares to the Pleasure Domes, but the only way to get there is to upload his brain onto a beam of light and have it downloaded into a rental clone. One little mixup can spoil everything, and sometimes make things better. (There is a sequel called Return to Gulliver's Planet.)

Band on the Run - When a riot breaks out at the band's first arena gig, there's only one way off the planet and that's to mask their bio-signatures. But how does one do that? Hmm, maybe a little change is in order. (There are 4 parts to this. They should be easy to find.)

Tales from Gulliver's Planet: Little Girl Blew - Alexander Ames was a burned out Ad-Exec who needed a vacation, so he decided to have himself downloaded into a Gulliver-brand pleasure doll to play on one of Gulliver's pleasure planets. Things don't always go as planned. (This is also a 4-part story with a sequel.)

Happy Holidays, in case I don't blog again before the season's over!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Redemption at the Rose Saloon

Well, what do you know? I wrote a new story. It's shorter than  my other Kindle offerings at only 22k words, but I'm happy with it. For a long time I've been browsing TG titles on Amazon and looking for what was missing. I've read my fill of feminized in the office, by the wife, turned into a maid, stories, not that aren't some great ones out there, but I hadn't really seen many (any?) TG stories set in the old West.

I was really anticipating writing a number of "shorts" like this one and publishing them in a collection, but as usual, once I have something written, I like to share it.

I screwed up my last two titles by publishing them elsewhere. I didn't realize to be a part of Amazon's "KDP Select" program it had to be exclusively offered through them. Oops. Oh well, I have this one solely on Amazon, so hopefully that won't be an issue.

I've been rethinking covers, too. I like drawing my own, but it does occur to me I might do better with public domain or royalty free photo covers. I think I'd still be tempted to buy a couple of photos and composite my own little creation, but I'm wondering if photo covers look better than painted covers. The vast majority of covers I see are probably royalty free or paid for photos.

I realize now that I made a mistake with "Her Turn". I'd originally published the first part on Literotica and there were enough comments expecting a certain ending that I changed how I decided to write it. I know better. You don't write for anyone but yourself. If someone has guessed the ending, so be it. There are a lot of good things in Her Turn's second half, but the first half is just better. I was trying to write the ultimate hypno-feminization story, one that I'd want to read again and again. I got off to a good start, but I think I lost my way.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Her Turn - Updated!!

It's up and Amazon should have emailed everyone with easy to follow instructions.

That's it. No more writing on the story. I may do a revision just to fix some grammar and/or spelling in the future, but those will be minor adjustments.

I can't believe I started writing in this March. Is that right?

Her Turn, love it or hate it, is finally done. I hope it doesn't seriously derail from anyone's expectations, but it went where it went. Way back when, I'd posted the first part on Literotica and got cheers and jeers, then ended it with a sharp turn. I could've kept going and the story would've been a lot shorter, but I liked throwing the ball back to Tom's hands, knowing full well he wouldn't keep it for long.

At the present time, it's a 3 Star story, which I'm very pleased about. It could be worse, since there are a few negative reviews. I hope over time a few more reviews will come in and that they will be positive. It makes a difference. I don't care about the sales that much, but I do like reading reviews from people who like what I've done. I've received emails from some of you, and I'm about as grateful as I could be. If I could, I'd fashion a homemade Tinkerbell wand and give you all the Christmas gift of a lifetime.

This frees me up to get back to my other projects which don't involve TG at all, but I'll be returning. I'm not sure what I'll write on next to be honest. I miss sci-fi, but my mind drifts every now and then to a Western, which I haven't seen much of in the TG genre. There could be a good reason for that, of course, but really . . . an old rugged cowboy bandit turned into a sweet showgirl in a Miss Rose's brothel? Hmm, it has possibilities. And what will his gang of bad boys say? Or will they be too busy changing themselves?

That's it for Her Turn. Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, and left reviews. You don't know much I enjoy all of it.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HER TURN is done!



Well, for me at least. It didn't help that I got sidetracked to another writing project. When I finally managed to get back to working on Her Turn, I felt I'd lost the story and the characters and had to go back to the beginning and read.

Now, after weeks of writing when I had the chance (usually an hour or so in the morning before work), it's done. I feel like it's the story that wouldn't end. I also should've posted what I had done, but I really wanted to finish it and make one final post. After a few emails asking if I was ever going to finish it, I realize that might have been a mistake.

Anyway, Her Turn is a finished product and except for some reviewing and editing, I'll be posting the big finale on Amazon this week. Unfortunately, it can take up to two weeks for Amazon to review the changes and activate the Update feature. As soon as I see it activated, however, I will post another update.

In all honesty, looking back, I feel I should've split the book into two parts, but it also doesn't feel right to charge another 2.99 for part two when they really belong together. I'm not sure what the word count is, but at the moment it feels like an epic. It's not, believe me, but the baby always feels biggest when it's coming out of you. (I trust women on this since at this moment I'm unaware of any uterine features in myself.)

I plan to take a break, work a few other projects and start writing again, but I'll be honest, I miss science fiction. There's not a lot of great TG sci-fi. Maxwell Avoi has done quite a bit, and what I've read hasn't been too bad. It's not quite Jack Chalker, Heinlein or John Varley, but it's more of an even split of sci-fi and TG. I wrote some shorts about a man taking a vacation and ending up trapped in an android sex doll in the Gulliver universe that I've been considering revising and adding to.

For those who have been reading, thanks for you patience!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Her Turn: Where is my Update?!?

Her Turn. Yes. Is it ready? No.

Strange as it may seem, I don't just write sexy transgendered feminizing tales. I write other fiction as well under other names.

I honestly thought I could finish another story and get it published, then return and write on Her Turn in time to make my usual 18th update.

But, sadly, I'm still writing the next part of  Her Turn and it will probably July 18th before I get it published. And by published I mean, I upload it, contact Amazon and it takes them about 2 weeks to activate the update feature. That's a bit of an irritation I hadn't counted on, but understandable, and for what Amazon provides, I really can't complain.

I'm working on the ending of Her Turn just now. It can't go on forever as much as fun as that might be. I love Tom and Christine, but there are other sexy little feminizing tales I would like to dive into. I've always wanted to write a follow up to the TG Rock and Roll band in the future and to do a follow up to my sexy salesman turned into a sexy android tale. I miss sci-fi.

Stories to look out for:
On the plus side, Ann Michelle has a new story coming out soon.

Fiona Piper has a new story out, entitled Sissified Boss.

Deborah Ford  has revised If You Must and added some new material.

Stay tuned, I'm hoping to have the finished version of Her Turn published by July 18th.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Her Turn - Updated!

Yes, it's been updated. I can't complain, but I've learned the hard way that updates aren't automatic. Oops. You have to contact Amazon and ask them to look at the changes you've made, then if they decide they're significant, they'll provide the update feature.

I was hoping they'd also send notifications to the readers, but I don't think they did. I actually bought my own book to see what would happen, and what happened was I saw the update feature available, but I didn't receive an email. Oh well.

In a perfect world, they'd send a thousand sexy schoolgirls and maids to your door to leave a note, mmm. Sorry, drifted off for a moment there.

Also, on the Kindle Cloud, I haven't seen an easy update feature. On the Kindle, I can go to Tools and then Manager you Kindle, but on the Cloud, I don't see that. Yes, I have both the Kindle and the cloud, because Kindle doesn't have any kind of login feature that would allow me to switch accounts easily. I'm sure they have their reasons, but did you ever think there was something obvious that a company was missing and wonder how so many smart people could be so dumb? Maybe they've contracted the bimbo virus or something. mmm, sorry, drifted off again.

Her Turn is doing quite well (by my standards anyway), and I received a nice surprise payment in my email the other day. So, for everyone who has bought it and for those kind enough to email me with kind comments, my deepest thanks. Because of the inconvenience of the update feature, I'm planning one final chapter (a big one), and then I can leave poor Tom and wicked Christine behind and start on something new.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Dominant Women

I love women. Have I mentioned that? I love women, and I want the best for them, and I respect them. I don't think a woman should have to (or want to) change herself to be with the man she loves.  This is why as a single guy I'm searching for a Dominant woman. It's not fair to date a wonderful woman and then spring it on her or "coerce" her into being Dominant. Is it?

Dominant women get an unfair rap. Women in general get an unfair rap, but so do men, but Dominant women get as an unfair rap as submissive men. Dominant women, after all, hate men. They're ball busting bitches who worship some femme deity and secretly wish all men were worms they could crush beneath the stiletto heels. Submissive men are weak and pathetic. They are sniveling little cowards who are probably gay and just don't know it. This seems to be the mainstream opinion. Fetish means people in leather hoods, piercing each other and pretending they're vampires and doing other weird things.

Is it any wonder I treated my desires as an embarrassing secret that existed inside me for so long? All the role models I could find were despicable. It's only been because of the magic of the internet and honest blogs that I've come to understand that most people have their little fetishes, and nearly all relationships have little issues with control. Even vanilla couples have their little control scenes. Maybe he likes to be on top. Maybe she likes it when he gets a little rough. Maybe he likes it when she bites his nipples. Maybe she likes seducing him into a frenzied state.

I've been Dominant before, and I've played with a friend and I can tell you A. I wasn't dressed in leather. B. I didn't pierce her or apply clothespins or hang her from the ceiling from her nipples and C. it was exciting as hell and when it was done, we went out to dinner and chatted like the old friends we were.

We were normal. That's all there was to it.

I've now had an opportunity to be submissive, and it was the same wonderful experience, perhaps better, because it felt like a more natural state for me to be in. In both cases there was an intense current of power being exchanged between us. As a Dominant, I knew exactly what to say and do to press her buttons, and when I did, she sank like a rock into submission and thrilled us both. As a submissive, I felt exposed, nervous and absolutely wonderful, because she seemed to know just what to say and do to drive me crazy. I felt as if she were reading my mind, as if she knew me.

I felt . . . "connected", and that's an extraordinary feeling.

But in both cases what made the current possible was intimacy and trust. For any relationship, these are powerful things.

I never trusted my wife enough, never let my guard down long enough to confide in her. I didn't let her know what I needed, because I was busy hiding it from myself. My marriage suffered for it. This is not to say that our marriage wouldn't have ended, but in some ways I'm a more honest person today because of the mistakes I made with her. I've forgiven her for her part in the ending of our relationship. I had an opportunity to tell her that earlier this year. I also forgave myself for my part. It was clear to me though that she had not forgiven herself. I wish I could help, but it's not my place.

Do I really want a Mistress that is cruel and harsh and unloving? No. I want a woman that I trust and who trusts me. Within that trust we may find that she does things (and that I want her to do things) that appear to be cruel and harsh and unloving, but we will both know the truth. Love, trust and intimacy will allow her to be all she has ever wanted to be, and allow me to be all I have wanted to be, and will allow us to be better together.

Do I really want a Mistress that is anything less than female? No. Why would I want a woman who wasn't soft and emotional and sweet and confusing? I wouldn't, and I don't. I may be submissive, but I'm still a man. I still like the chase. I still like a woman who smells, dresses and behaves like a woman. Why would I want to serve her if she was anything less than womanly?

Real dominant women get a bad rap, but the world, she is a-changing. What I write is all fantasy, and sometimes some of my fiction goes to an extreme level, but I know the difference between fantasy and a flesh and blood person smiling at me. I will always objectify women. I can't help it. They're beautiful, but I know how to get past their wonderful figures to the mind and heart and soul that drives them. I'm still learning, but I'm getting better.

Here's something I've learned. It's not about what you want; it's about what you can provide. This is something a Dominant woman taught me recently, and believe me, my first instinct was to rebel and refute and disagree, but instead I shut my mouth, swallowed my pride and paid attention.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Her Turn (Part 2, Chapter 2) Updated!

Hypnosis and a pretty girl, but what if the "pretty girl" used to be your husband?

Tom and Christine's adventure continues. Honestly, I'm not a Kindle Publishing whore (well, mostly not), but I thought it would be interesting to treat an E-book like stories posted on Fictionmania and Literotica. Why just post a book, then post a sequel when you can continue the book? Instead of posting follow up chapters like on a free fiction site, I'm posting follow up chapters through the Kindle.

If this is being done in book form, I haven't noticed it.

HER TURN (Part 2; Chapter 3)
In the latest chapter, Christine again has Tom right where she wants him and right where he wants to be. We last left Tom tied to the bed in a suspicious fit of self bondage. Now Christine begins to make good on her warnings of changing him into the slave girl she wants. If Tom was still deluding himself that it might all be a game, he will now see the truth in a very real way.

And on another note, my little whining about having lost a review backfired on me in a big way. I got another review only it was negative (two stars). Oh, well, what can you do? I'll remind myself now that even Stephen King and John Grisham must have people who dislike their work.

If anyone was interested in stats, I've been watching the reports section of Amazon Kindle (which is interesting and convenient). In March, The Bridled Heart sold only a few copies, but it has never sold much, not even when first published. The pony girl genre seems to be less about romance and more abductions and non-consensuality, which doesn't appeal to me at all, but I do like the idea of pony girl training. It's very sexy. Instead of paying attention to the market, I wrote a pony girl romance instead. Also, Little Brown Girl has slowed to a trickle, selling only a dozen or so copies. It did very well for awhile though. Her Turn is averaging about 200 copies a month. I'm not sure what's common to be honest. There are also about 5 - 7 returns, which I thought might have been a part of the borrowing, but now I'm not sure. Maybe people are really buying it and returning it. It's a little disheartening, but it's a good impetus to do better.

I always want to write something that really rocks. I've been considering removing my stories from Fictionmania, rewriting them and posting them on the Kindle. It seems a bit unfair to simply post them on the Kindle when you can already get them for free. On the other hand, I like them the way they are, so maybe I'll just leave well enough alone.

After Her Turn is done, I have an idea for another story in a genre I haven't seen done with TG, but I'd also like to return TG Sci-Fi, which doesn't have enough material. Then again, since there isn't much (like my attempt at pony girl fiction), maybe there is a reason for that. Screw it. Let's find out.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Mystery of the Missing Review

I don't know why, but I lost a review on Her Turn. I used to have 2 reviews, now I only have one, which is a shame because a review is a review. It doesn't matter if it was good or not (not to me). This one wasn't bad; it gave me 3 stars and brought down my overall rating to 3.5 stars. (I have 4 now that the review is gone.)

I don't mean to be an ego freak, but both I like hearing what people have to say about my fiction, even if they don't like it. On Literotica, they can get pretty damning. I made the mistake of posting my story about a Female Led Relationship in the "Loving Wives" category and found that out quickly. The Loving Wives category is more about wives having sex with other people, not about putting their husbands in dog collars and taking control. Some of the more vivid criticisms called me "sick" and asked that I stay away from their pets / children, which was odd because there was nothing about animals or children in the story. It was also odd, because here was someone most likely pleasuring themselves to online erotica about wives behaving in very slutty ways, damning someone else for writing erotica they didn't agree with (or perhaps that disturbed them). I also noticed some of the same negative reviewers commented on several parts of the story, including the end.

Why would you continue to read something that disgusted you so much?

A Glowing Reviewer (get it?)
On Fictionmania, I've never received a negative review. It tended to be mostly positive, if not glowing. I only wrote a story on Literotica because the plot didn't contain any TG elements. It was the reviews on Fictionmania, however, that made me decide to place some stories in the E-Book market.

I'll say this: I don't need the money, but there is something nice about watching how many copies are being sold, and the moment I get a review, I prepare for the worst, but I'm usually pleasantly surprised.

Before I buy a book on Kindle, I read the reviews. Hell, before I buy anything on Amazon, I read the reviews. Reviews make me want to buy a certain product and steer clear of others. I've posted my own reviews on various products under different names (my pseudonym and my real name) with this in mind. Still, I know that at least for E-books, reviews aren't everything. Some of my favorites have never had a single review. Take "The Hotel" for instance. Not a single review, until I posted one.

For E-books, Fictionmania, etc. I doubt I will ever post a negative review (unless the author has done something egregious). But reviews matter. If you're ever inclined to post one, not necessarily on my work, but on fiction that rocked your boat, rang your clock, lit you up inside, tell the author and the audience that it did.

(For the record, I love pets and children and I'm very good with them and can't conceive of hurting either. My little perversion doesn't change the quality of my soul. If anything, it makes me more sympathetic to everyone's strange internal desires. And it's not perverted either: it's human sexuality. It don't get more diverse and perverse than that.)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

She is the Key to your pleasure

There are plenty of desires / fetishes to choose from when you're a guy like me. A lot of them even seem to come in package deals.

For example, read a few stories about male chastity and you might see the idea combined with cuckolding. You might also find it combined with feminization, but not necessarily. There are plenty of guys who wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of panties, but find it highly exciting to think of their wives / girlfriends having sex with someone else.

Feminization comes in all shapes and sizes, too. Some want to truly be turned female. Some are actually making the transition in real life. Others just want to play with it; perhaps they dress up every now and then, and still others are like me with no transition or dressing desires, but still find the fantasy hot.

It's been a progression for me from feminization (always with the idea of giving up control (usually through hypnosis / brainwashing, etc.)) to male chastity. But if you're a guy and you want to give up control to a woman, there's nothing more significant than giving her control over your most protected, sacred, cherished part. Giving up your rights to touch yourself, pleasure yourself on your own schedule, having to abide by her will and desire is a maddening notion, which I find highly erotic.

Male Chastity seems to come in two varieties: with a chastity device and without. You'll find arguments for both. Having her place you in a device, lock it and take the key is a symbol. It's not that you couldn't get out of the contraption. In fact, my understanding is that slip outs are common and they must be frequently be removed for cleaning and re-fitting and because of rubbing and abrasions. Having never worn one, I couldn't say. But the true excitement is that she now holds the key to your pleasure.
The true excitement is that she is now the ONLY way you will EVER get any pleasure again, not because you feel like cranking one off in your morning shower, not because it's late at night and you've fallen into the same trap of accidentally ending up watching YouPorn again. No. Now, you are physically restrained. It's a bit like focused bondage. She has tied up your penis and rendered you helpless.

Being on the honor system has its arguments as well. After all, why should she need to lock you up? Why shouldn't her desire, her whim, her word be enough? If you have truly submitted your cock to her control, you should be dedicated enough to simply obey her desires.

The only other difference is this: Wearing a device makes for painful erections; not wearing a device leaves you free to have erections. Which one is worse? Which idea is more maddening? Feeling the pain and restriction, the constant reminder of how she controls you? Or feeling the utter temptation of your hard, proud cock and knowing you're forbidden to touch it?

Along with giving up control of your cock to your beloved comes the idea of tease and denial. In most tales of chastity, this is integral, and this is what I find most fascinating, because it really is about empowering a female to use her beauty and utter sexiness in the most manipulative way possible. Strangely, this is something that probably all women do at one or another time in their life, but it appears to be frowned upon. Be cute or weepy or flirty and you might get out of a speeding ticket, but do that with all the men in your life and you may get pegged as a "tease". And a "tease" at least in the world of women I grew up in (and perhaps the male world as well) was considered a bad thing.

So what are the effects of male chastity? Maybe there are none, but read a few blogs and you'll be exposed to the theory. The theory goes like this: Because you can no longer touch yourself and give yourself pleasure, and because all of your pleasure is now contingent upon her whim / desire, you'll find yourself focusing more on her and her happiness, and less on yourself.

As a man, this sounds like a magic pill, a Godsend. I have in most of my relationships been selfish and lazy, so it would be nice to have some kick in the pants in the right direction. It's not an easy thing to put her needs ahead of my own, but I'd like to do it. I can imagine being the guy I'd like to be with a lover, but it's not an easy thing to put into practice.

There are also plenty of books that demonstrate clearly how to turn a man into your dream submissive, how to manipulate him and yes, even condition him (drool) into finding sexual pleasure in even performing household chores.

Is it all true? Like anything, the reality of it is what you make of it, but the fantasy can be anything you like.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Jo Santana

In addition to the top 3 books that always remain at the top of my kindle list (see previous posts), I also have authors I follow.

Jo Santana is one of them. Now, if you're expecting amazing variety, this is probably not your forte. Jo writes the equivalent of "pulp" in two TG genres: schoolgirls and maids.

Many of Jo's stories are very similar, but they're different enough to be enjoyable. They all tend to start with a somewhat contrived situation where the man or boy gets them self into a pickle and ends up thoroughly feminized. There is less of a "forced" quality, and more of a "coerced", albeit sometimes the coercion can be heavy handed.

As an author myself (this blog is at least in part me whoring myself out, after all), I can tell you one of the problems with Jo's work is a failure to pay attention to the advice that Kindle gives in how to format a book for publication. It gives very easy to follow guidelines about setting the paragraph and line spacing and you can see the results in Jo's work when one doesn't follow these guidelines. The lines and paragraphs are a bit too close together, which makes for a less than ideal reading experience. It doesn't kill the experience though. You can still read Jo's books just fine, and you'll probably get used to it rather quickly. Also, there are plenty of times where indentions for paragraphs were not formatted.

Other than that minor criticsm, Jo's work is fun and has that delicious struggle that has become one of the things I love most about some TG tales. Jo's characters are always trying to resist, but are usually in situations that will either get them killed or arrested and so they have no choice but to go along with their wife or parent or aunt and participate in their own feminization. Usually, by the end of the tale, our poor hero turned heroine falls in love with either another girl or themself as a girl that even when given the chance to return, they don't. They can't. They've been changed and can no longer fathom the male they once were.

I won't recommend any one book of Jo Santana. They all have their own little story to tell, and they all follow the same general trend, but they are well-written and worth the price of admission. They tend to be about 4.99 and usually take their time telling their story so the lengths tend to be at 130 - 150 pages.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Strange Change

This is in my top three. After "The Hotel" and "A Change in our Marriage", Daisy Boon's "Strange Change" is the third story that always seems to be in my "last read" area of my Kindle.

Many of Daisy's other works deal with more direct Femdom and I find them less appealing. They often read like a narrator on a sport's field rather placing me in the minds of the characters, but she has three books that deal with the more gentle, teasing side of TG (which is my favorite).

This is by far her best. First, there are grammatical errors and the ending is a disaster. I think she was trying to give meaning to the story, to set up the nature behind this magical journey, to set up the sinister motivation, but it didn't work for me (and for a few others, judging by the reviews). I think the ending was unnecessary, but as a writer of this type of fiction myself, I can tell you, endings are tough.

So, that's what I don't like about the book, but there is a lot I like. It contains the elements I enjoy in a good TG story. There is a seduction, not only of the main character's journey from male to female in mind, body and spirit, but also his struggle to accept what he has become and more importantly his delicious struggle to not go "all the way". It's a struggle probably ever natural woman has had in her youth, and it's that virginal struggle that is so wonderful here. Our hero(ine) struggles valiantly not to give in to the temptation of being made a real woman, all the while the men around him surrender, one by one, adding peer pressure. They all are made to surrender in a very public way as well, on a stage in front of their wives and the other transformed men.

The guides, the situations, the themes of the days ("Today is an obedience day") all work to create more and more pressure, and I think it's interesting that soon after the transformation of the men they are all forbidden from having penetrative sex. They can only tease and be teased. There's nothing like being told you can't have something to make you want it.

There is a magical, dreamy quality to the entire story which is wonderful. While Daisy never directly tells you what the magic spell is, she does hint at it, providing descriptions of the newly transformed "girls" reacting to the touch and taste and attraction of their male guides' cum. You get the sense that with each touch, each taste, as the cream soaks into their skin, as it fills their bellies, they are somehow drawn deeper into the spell that is re-creating them.

It's a good ride. If this story were re-written and the ending changed, it would be five stars for me. As it is, the ending kills one star, but I can overlook the grammatical issues to keep it at four stars.

And let's face it, once I'm done reading it, I usually flip back to the beginning and start all over again.


Monday, March 11, 2013

A Change in Our Marriage - Sara Desmerais

First, you can't go wrong with any of Sara's work. All of her fiction is sweet and teasing and full of all the elements that I appreciate in a good feminization story. The wives, girlfriends, etc. seem to genuinely love and care for their boys, and seem to genuinely enjoy feminizing them. Out of all them, and there are quite a few (Her New Husband, Room and Board, The Sissy Pilot, Mother-in-Law's Visit, The Photo Shoot, He's The Bride), this one is my favorite. I'm not sure if it's the first one I read. It may be, and that might have created some bias for me.

If "The Hotel" was the quintessential maid story (and for me it is), this is the epitome of the feminization, cuckold fantasy. By epitome, this is what I mean. A good summary of this genre is this:

  1. Wife finds out about husband's fantasy: cuckolding and feminization.
  2. Wife eases, teases husband into the fantasy.
  3. Husband has his "careful what you wish for" experience.
  4. Husband ends up delightfully feminized and in heaven while his wife teases him with other her lovers.
Okay, maybe that's not a genre exactly, but I've read tons of these types of stories, and Sara's is the best out of all of them. Sara (the character in the story) is highly manipulative, but not in an overtly aggressive way. On the contrary, she teases, she questions, she persuades, and she uses his desire and pleasure against him in a way that makes it impossible for her husband, John, to resist. He struggles. He squirms. He pulls away, but she won't let go, and she even uses some little horse training metaphors along the way. She has a plan. She knows where she is leading him. He knows somewhere in his heart, but just can't admit to himself. Most important of all, they're both in heaven as she sweetly ushers him further into his fantasy than he ever would have dared.

Sara (the author) has good writing skills. That's important. Especially when I read so much fiction that sounds like someone calling a play in football. There's never a moment when we don't feel and know what's going on inside of John. There's never a moment when we don't experience his anguish and ecstasy. The narration is solid, but it's the dialogue between husband and wife that makes this book what it is. It's watching Sara (the character) gently directing John's mind, leading him where she wants him that makes this book one of those pieces of fiction that I read over and over.

I have a few books that I always seem to be reading. Sara Desmerais's "A Change in our Marriage" is one of them. When I get to the end, I flip back to the beginning and watch it unfold all over again.

The ending is a natural feeling ending, and it's thrilling, and it establishes where John and Sara will now be. The point of no return. The change.

A Change in Our Marriage


Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Hotel by Deborah Ford

I have read a LOT of fiction. I have read a LOT of TG fiction. I have frequented Fictionmania and published there. I have frequented Literotica and published a few stories there. My Kindle is full of stories about gender transformations, wives becoming Mistresses, leading to cuckoldry, the feminization of their husbands, etc.

There are only a hand full of stories I read over and over. The Hotel is one of those. I kid you not . . . as soon as I'm done with it, I leave it around to read through it again.

My first experience with "The Hotel" was on Fictionmania. I liked it well enough to download it, but it wasn't one of my favorites. I felt the story barely got started before unfeeling Mistresses were whipping him. It was a bit of a turn off. But Deborah Ford removed her stories and re-wrote this one from scratch, and did an amazing job on it. She expanded it to a full length novel that has become one of my all time favorites.

What I like about is this: there is a feeling of control in each and every page; it follows the main character from being a husband getting to experience his dream come true fetish to suddenly finding himself as only a silly maid completely under the control of the Hotel staff. Mistresses are clever and all knowing and willing to establish their authority with both whips and sharp tongues, but the most delicious scenes are those between the main character (whose new name is "Debbie") and his wife (who has even more deliciously chosen to go by her maiden name, "Miss Johnson"). The Hotel has assigned her a new man (Paulo) to take care of her while she is there, and he has a vested interest in increasing his hold on the wife and furthering Debbie's emasculation and descent into being just another meaningless, silly headed maid.

From the very beginning, you can see our hero's doomed fate, and it's a step by step fall that is utterly delightful with each step. His struggle is so wonderful that I find it almost impossible to stop reading, and it's on going. Every single thought that is not devoted to being a silly maid is caught up with when he'll have a chance to confront his wife and ask her to take him out of there. It's so agonizing and it's such a tease, because he constantly gets close and feels the helplessness of the Hotel conspiring against him.

Of course, one of my favorite aspects of the story is that there is a hint of mind control, behavior modification that remains subtle, and constant. The character is being manipulated, changed, controlled, and being made to enjoy it every step of the way. He almost doesn't notice that he is becoming utterly submissive and dumb and obedient.

Nice job. Well worth the price, and she's done a sequel, The Hotel Christmas Special, that I will review soon.

This one gets give painted toes for its highly erotic story telling.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Spectrum

Kinsey did an amazing thing. In his study of sexuality (and himself), he broke open the paradigm of the time. In other words, everyone just assumed there's only 2 genders and only a handful of sexual preferences. You're either a boy or a girl. You're either heterosexual or homosexual.

We're not quite there yet, but we know these obvious categories are (to be honest) . . . bullshit.

People are more interesting than that. People are more diverse than that. I, like many of you, am more interesting than that (at least to me).

So what are you? How do you define yourself? If you're reading this blog, then you probably don't define yourself in a mainstream category.

There's a term that many people use to express their distress with defining themself: Gender Confusion.

Appropriate, perhaps. It certainly feels confusing. I found it highly embarrassing growing up. Labels define us and give us comfort, but they also force restrict us. If you think you are something, then doesn't that mean to be it you have to fit into every tiny part of the definition.

In the BDSM lifestyle, people have opened up some of those labels in ways that would make Kinsey proud. I'm not Dominant or submissive; I'm a switch who leans heavily toward submissive. It's a way of telling someone what my interests are without launching into a long diatribe about every little experience and feeling that splits me off from the main herd.

Gender is a little different, but how about this as a definition?

Pseudo Fetishistic Transvestite.

Jesus. Who would want to be that? Just the term "Transvestite" comes with its own dose of humiliation and nonacceptance, now add "Pseudo" and you get the idea that I'm not even an authentic Transvestite. Then throw in Fetish and you get the idea that I'm running around in a gimp suit (a.k.a. covered in leather from head to toe with a leather hood, etc.).

The odd thing about me is I'm very normal. I have sex with women. I have no interest in having sex with men, but I like men. I have many male friends, but no, we don't discuss my sexuality, because we don't discuss their sexuality.

First, let's apply the term and I'll what it means to me (if you're interested . . . if not, I'll throw in another pretty picture of a pretty woman).

Okay, first, I have no desire to get a surgery in order to obtain breast implants, soften my face, shave my Adam's apple or remove my favorite male fun part (though there are times it would be nice if it was removable just so I could get more done).

Second, I'm not really much of a cross dresser. I have dressed in the past, but I found it more exciting to shop for and acquire the clothes than I did to wear them. (I'm not very pretty as a woman, just so you know.)

Third, it's the fantasy (hence the word "pseudo") that is exciting. In the real world, I can think of nothing better than diving into the warm, soft flesh of a woman and using every tool (heh, I said "tool") at my disposal to send her to dizzying heights of ecstasy.

So, I'm a straight guy who loves the fantasy of being turned into a woman, but in actuality doesn't act upon any of those desires, though I do like a little roleplay in my relationships that can learn that way.

The disadvantages I feel to being this way are this:
  1. It's not widely accepted, certainly not by men and not by many women, who can't or won't understand that anyone might have a sexuality different from their own.
  2. I've been ashamed of it and therefore repressed it (which only makes matter worse) and felt for the longest time like I have a "thing inside me" or a "beast inside me" that won't go away. Disassociating from it leads to dire consequences.
  3. Even within the fetish community sometimes there is misunderstanding and nonacceptance.
 The advantages I feel to being this way are this:
  1. I've always taken great pride at being a little different. Well . . . this is different. Congratulate me.
  2. I have a much better understanding of women (and often people) and enjoy sympathizing / empathizing with women. This, I feel, makes me a better person.
  3. If ever I needed a passionate subject to write about, I have it (in spades or, er, heels).
  4. Venus envy isn't such a bad thing. Rather than behaving as a misogynistic jerk, I support my female friends and I know in my heart they're great people who are capable of great things.
So, there you go. Nice and boring. Hey, that's why I write my little erotic pieces, because it's much more fun and interesting to express myself through fictional characters than to sit here writing this kind of stuff all the time.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I love women. That's all there is to it. I'm not a Lothario or a 'player'. I don't cheat on my lovers, nor do I behave inappropriately. When I'm seeing someone, I'm seeing her and her only.

But I do love women.

I love everything about them, the way they smell, the way they taste, they way they speak, the way they think, the way they move. . . everything.

I even love the way they hurt me (and I'm sure I've done my share in return).

I'm a switch, by the way. I love dominating a woman, but I also love a woman who is strong and sharp and keen and can put me in my place.

Being the creative type, I write, draw, play a little music from time to time. I've got a wit and an advanced sense of humor. Being the creative type, I have no choice but to pour our my desires and thoughts from time to time onto an unsuspecting audience. That's you, by the way.

If you're transgendered in anyway, much of how I feel will be familiar to you. Perhaps you are heading towards the great "transition". Perhaps, like me, you love the fantasy of it.

Here are a few my of favorite items to dwell upon:

BDSM - Men in control of women or women in control of men or women in control of women. I do not have a problem with gay men. They're lovely, but for me any equation of desire has to have a female.

Hypnosis- an offset of BDSM power play. I don't care if it's real or if it's a subject "going along with it" or roleplay. It's exciting. Control (and the loss thereof) is exciting.

Transformation- most specifically . . . gender.

Gender, to me, is the oddest part of life. We struggle against the role we're forced into . . . by society / culture, by our peers, by our parents, by our biology, and we can be strangely reassured by it. But it drives me a little crazy.

A little crazy is a good thing. It makes me write.

You can find my fiction at Fictionmania.

You can also find my fiction at Literotica.

And recently, I've begun publishing my work at Amazon.

Note: As I re-write and publish some of my fiction on Amazon, I will be removing them from the free sites. Download them while you can.

There are 2 works of mine that you can't get anywhere but Amazon. They are:

Little Brown Girl
A story about an old man who finds himself stuck in the body of a native woman and how his wife does anything but help him.

The Bridled Heart
A tale about a woman who decides to write a story about ponygirls and bites off more than she can chew.

The last story Her Turn was previously posted for free on Literotica. It has been rewritten and published on Amazon. I'm adding new chapters as I go. Read it while you can for free; all the newest chapters will be on Amazon only.

I love women. Did I mention that? I especially love the women here in Austin, Tx. They are amazing. I'll be posting more in the future, but for now, stay safe, sane and consensual . . . ya'll.