Saturday, December 28, 2013

News: Nine Portals: Henry's Game - Untitled?

Is this who I will become after I read the new series of books from Tom Tame?!?
This delicious woman is as perfect as I can imagine. What about you? Is she not to your taste? Do you prefer blondes, redheads, larger breasts . . . something else?

I'm crazy. I've always known it, but sometime it becomes obvious.

I've had a little idea about a very rich man being approached with a "game" and finding that the game turned him into a woman. That's all I had, but after finishing Redemption at the Rose Saloon, I decided to try writing on it a little to see if I had anything.

A week later, I revised it by deleting the first page or so. This is actually pretty common with me as I find I frequently have to write my way into a story the long way around.

So, there I am writing when I come to a part where the main character, Henry Young, finally asks what the name of the game is.

The answer is: Nine Portals.

It dawns on me much later that if Henry has only played the first level of the "game" and interacted only with the first "portal" then that means I have eight portals left to write.

Why do I do this to myself? That means I have nine stories to write, nine books.

So at this moment, I've begun the fourth book in the series. I originally intended to publish it whole, but realized it would be very long and that I really liked the idea of a series, but I want each of the books to be self contained. If you buy book three, say, it's whole and you don't need to have read the other two books to understand what's going on.

This means I have to write either an introduction to each story (which frankly feels a little like cheating) or I have to slip in the pertinent details of the other books so that the reader won't be scratching their head.

Each book will be Henry's journey into a world where he struggles with a new female form, but each will also advance the overall story of why this happening and where it will all lead.

I'm ready to post the first book now, but I want to take some time and do one more revision before I let it go. The process of asking Amazon to activate the update feature is a little annoying to me, so I'd prefer not to do that.

On another note, I changed the cover to Redemption at the Rose Saloon. I'm curious to see if it will make a difference. The other cover was hastily put together and I didn't like it. I have no plans to change any of the other covers, but in the future I'm really considering going with the photographic covers, rather than the illustrated ones.

Searching for royalty free images has been interesting. I did a lot of research and reviewed the books of those that I enjoy and I found that not many authors are crediting their image sources. Also, most of these places have language about not having their photos used in porn. Here's hoping they mean on pornographic sites and not as ebook covers to erotica.

At the moment, I've chosen Dreams Time as my source because they A. have a buy per image rate rather than forcing a subscription on you, which isn't worth it to me because I'm not downloading enough images to justify the expense and B. they don't seem to have the same TOS as some of the other sites.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do I Love Women Too Much?

What an odd thing to wonder! Can you love anything too much? Any thing? Yes, certainly, alcohol, sugar. But people? Can you love a gender too much or a race or an age group? Perhaps.

I can only think of two times in my life where I was not hopelessly in love with women. And by "in love" I do not mean just their bodies (although those are delightful), but also the way they think and speak and even the puzzling way they feel about things.

1. High School - Hey, there was a lot going on. I was in love and it was a high drama relationship. I wanted my dream girl, but that's not who I was dating. I loved the girl I was dating, but she wasn't my dream girl. There were lots of highs and far too many lows. When we were in love, we loved in a manner that is difficult to attain as an adult. We kissed until our mouths were numb . . . maybe because it was new. Maybe because we were too young to have anything better to do. It was the lows that made me wonder about women. It was the hurt that made me dislike women.

I got over it.

2. Divorce - Honestly, a divorce is a simple way to put your guts and psyche through the spin-cycle. I honestly was angry at all women for the behavior my ex-wife displayed. They didn't say what they meant. Why didn't they just ask for what they wanted instead of being so indirect, leaving breadcrumbs, clues for us thick-skulled boys to try and figure out? When she wanted something and I managed to give it to her, she found she didn't want it anymore or maybe realized she'd never wanted it. I blamed all women for awhile.

I got over this, too. It's funny that a lot of the things that angered me about female behavior I now value as being wonderfully feminine. A lot of the traits I applied to all women could really just be attributed to my ex-wife, who was struggling and in pain and looking for happiness. I'm sad to say I don't think she's found it. I honestly hope she does, because now that I'm not angry at her anymore and I acknowledge my failures as a friend, husband and lover, I find I really want her to be happy somewhere with someone.

It's funny that the female characters I write tend to often be a device designed to help introduce the male character to his own feminine side, though that feminine side is usually a hyperbolized, stereotypical portrayal of a female. Well . . . maybe that's only funny to me.

My entire life I've always been a little more comfortable in a group of females than I ever was in a group of males. I like men well enough, but I find them boring. Women are fascinating and they smell delicious and there's always the chance I'll get to see them naked, lol. Being the only guy in a group of women gets you a lot more attention, by the way, though not necessarily laid. But you do gleam some insights that help with that as well.

As an aside, I ran into a small block today while writing. It was surging along pretty well, but then I just sort of ran out of steam. So now I'm writing this blog and figuring out a way to get back into that spell.

It's called Nine Portals. It's a little sci-fi, a whole lot of TG, and probably a lot less feminization and more of a transgender transformation type story. I really enjoyed writing other Sci-Fi TG. I'll list a few below:

Gulliver's Planet - Terri is the best salesman in the Universe and he's ready to sell his wares to the Pleasure Domes, but the only way to get there is to upload his brain onto a beam of light and have it downloaded into a rental clone. One little mixup can spoil everything, and sometimes make things better. (There is a sequel called Return to Gulliver's Planet.)

Band on the Run - When a riot breaks out at the band's first arena gig, there's only one way off the planet and that's to mask their bio-signatures. But how does one do that? Hmm, maybe a little change is in order. (There are 4 parts to this. They should be easy to find.)

Tales from Gulliver's Planet: Little Girl Blew - Alexander Ames was a burned out Ad-Exec who needed a vacation, so he decided to have himself downloaded into a Gulliver-brand pleasure doll to play on one of Gulliver's pleasure planets. Things don't always go as planned. (This is also a 4-part story with a sequel.)

Happy Holidays, in case I don't blog again before the season's over!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Redemption at the Rose Saloon

Well, what do you know? I wrote a new story. It's shorter than  my other Kindle offerings at only 22k words, but I'm happy with it. For a long time I've been browsing TG titles on Amazon and looking for what was missing. I've read my fill of feminized in the office, by the wife, turned into a maid, stories, not that aren't some great ones out there, but I hadn't really seen many (any?) TG stories set in the old West.

I was really anticipating writing a number of "shorts" like this one and publishing them in a collection, but as usual, once I have something written, I like to share it.

I screwed up my last two titles by publishing them elsewhere. I didn't realize to be a part of Amazon's "KDP Select" program it had to be exclusively offered through them. Oops. Oh well, I have this one solely on Amazon, so hopefully that won't be an issue.

I've been rethinking covers, too. I like drawing my own, but it does occur to me I might do better with public domain or royalty free photo covers. I think I'd still be tempted to buy a couple of photos and composite my own little creation, but I'm wondering if photo covers look better than painted covers. The vast majority of covers I see are probably royalty free or paid for photos.

I realize now that I made a mistake with "Her Turn". I'd originally published the first part on Literotica and there were enough comments expecting a certain ending that I changed how I decided to write it. I know better. You don't write for anyone but yourself. If someone has guessed the ending, so be it. There are a lot of good things in Her Turn's second half, but the first half is just better. I was trying to write the ultimate hypno-feminization story, one that I'd want to read again and again. I got off to a good start, but I think I lost my way.