Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Her Turn (Part 2, Chapter 2) Updated!

Hypnosis and a pretty girl, but what if the "pretty girl" used to be your husband?

Tom and Christine's adventure continues. Honestly, I'm not a Kindle Publishing whore (well, mostly not), but I thought it would be interesting to treat an E-book like stories posted on Fictionmania and Literotica. Why just post a book, then post a sequel when you can continue the book? Instead of posting follow up chapters like on a free fiction site, I'm posting follow up chapters through the Kindle.

If this is being done in book form, I haven't noticed it.

HER TURN (Part 2; Chapter 3)
In the latest chapter, Christine again has Tom right where she wants him and right where he wants to be. We last left Tom tied to the bed in a suspicious fit of self bondage. Now Christine begins to make good on her warnings of changing him into the slave girl she wants. If Tom was still deluding himself that it might all be a game, he will now see the truth in a very real way.

And on another note, my little whining about having lost a review backfired on me in a big way. I got another review only it was negative (two stars). Oh, well, what can you do? I'll remind myself now that even Stephen King and John Grisham must have people who dislike their work.

If anyone was interested in stats, I've been watching the reports section of Amazon Kindle (which is interesting and convenient). In March, The Bridled Heart sold only a few copies, but it has never sold much, not even when first published. The pony girl genre seems to be less about romance and more abductions and non-consensuality, which doesn't appeal to me at all, but I do like the idea of pony girl training. It's very sexy. Instead of paying attention to the market, I wrote a pony girl romance instead. Also, Little Brown Girl has slowed to a trickle, selling only a dozen or so copies. It did very well for awhile though. Her Turn is averaging about 200 copies a month. I'm not sure what's common to be honest. There are also about 5 - 7 returns, which I thought might have been a part of the borrowing, but now I'm not sure. Maybe people are really buying it and returning it. It's a little disheartening, but it's a good impetus to do better.

I always want to write something that really rocks. I've been considering removing my stories from Fictionmania, rewriting them and posting them on the Kindle. It seems a bit unfair to simply post them on the Kindle when you can already get them for free. On the other hand, I like them the way they are, so maybe I'll just leave well enough alone.

After Her Turn is done, I have an idea for another story in a genre I haven't seen done with TG, but I'd also like to return TG Sci-Fi, which doesn't have enough material. Then again, since there isn't much (like my attempt at pony girl fiction), maybe there is a reason for that. Screw it. Let's find out.



Anonymous said...

I would buy a fleshed out rewrite or story in the vein or universe of "We Three."

Tom Tame said...

Thanks, but if I flesh out "We Three", I think I'll keep it on Fictionmania. I feel like the way to go on Kindle is forward with new stories, and not re-write old ones.

Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you how much I loved Her Turn. I didn't know you had anything on Kindle until this morning and immediately purchased it. I also purchased Little Brown Girl. That was not really my cup of tea. I had read I Have an Idea on Literotica and liked it. I didn't like the ending because I always want stories that end with the woman firmly in control.

Once again I want to say how much I loved Her Turn. And of course I want to know when the story is going to be continued. Are you writing a sequel and if so when will it be available.

I have often thought it is sad in one way to be an author. You spend so much time writing the story and someone reads it in a couple of hours and then wants more Right Then.

Thanks again and I look forward to the rest of Her Turn.
Also when I tried the e-mail provided at the end of the book it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

I love pony boy fiction and there doesn't seem to be much of that around.

Tom Tame said...

I'm writing more on "Her Turn", and I expect the next installment to be posted on Amazon on or around May 18th. If you've already bought the book, it should be free to update it and receive the new chapters.

Thanks for the compliments! :)

Anonymous said...

Her Turn Comments -
I don't want to finish the final 5 pages because I'll be at the end of the story (for now.) I absolutely loved the book. The plot was dynamic, the descriptions, intense. I'm also jealous of the husband and would love to feel what he was going through....LOVED IT !!

Anonymous said...

well i finished the final chapter of Her Turn...for personal reasons, I wish it had gone a different way....that said, i really liked it. keep up the good work! i look forward to a similar theme in the future....i was so into Her....