Sunday, April 7, 2013

She is the Key to your pleasure

There are plenty of desires / fetishes to choose from when you're a guy like me. A lot of them even seem to come in package deals.

For example, read a few stories about male chastity and you might see the idea combined with cuckolding. You might also find it combined with feminization, but not necessarily. There are plenty of guys who wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of panties, but find it highly exciting to think of their wives / girlfriends having sex with someone else.

Feminization comes in all shapes and sizes, too. Some want to truly be turned female. Some are actually making the transition in real life. Others just want to play with it; perhaps they dress up every now and then, and still others are like me with no transition or dressing desires, but still find the fantasy hot.

It's been a progression for me from feminization (always with the idea of giving up control (usually through hypnosis / brainwashing, etc.)) to male chastity. But if you're a guy and you want to give up control to a woman, there's nothing more significant than giving her control over your most protected, sacred, cherished part. Giving up your rights to touch yourself, pleasure yourself on your own schedule, having to abide by her will and desire is a maddening notion, which I find highly erotic.

Male Chastity seems to come in two varieties: with a chastity device and without. You'll find arguments for both. Having her place you in a device, lock it and take the key is a symbol. It's not that you couldn't get out of the contraption. In fact, my understanding is that slip outs are common and they must be frequently be removed for cleaning and re-fitting and because of rubbing and abrasions. Having never worn one, I couldn't say. But the true excitement is that she now holds the key to your pleasure.
The true excitement is that she is now the ONLY way you will EVER get any pleasure again, not because you feel like cranking one off in your morning shower, not because it's late at night and you've fallen into the same trap of accidentally ending up watching YouPorn again. No. Now, you are physically restrained. It's a bit like focused bondage. She has tied up your penis and rendered you helpless.

Being on the honor system has its arguments as well. After all, why should she need to lock you up? Why shouldn't her desire, her whim, her word be enough? If you have truly submitted your cock to her control, you should be dedicated enough to simply obey her desires.

The only other difference is this: Wearing a device makes for painful erections; not wearing a device leaves you free to have erections. Which one is worse? Which idea is more maddening? Feeling the pain and restriction, the constant reminder of how she controls you? Or feeling the utter temptation of your hard, proud cock and knowing you're forbidden to touch it?

Along with giving up control of your cock to your beloved comes the idea of tease and denial. In most tales of chastity, this is integral, and this is what I find most fascinating, because it really is about empowering a female to use her beauty and utter sexiness in the most manipulative way possible. Strangely, this is something that probably all women do at one or another time in their life, but it appears to be frowned upon. Be cute or weepy or flirty and you might get out of a speeding ticket, but do that with all the men in your life and you may get pegged as a "tease". And a "tease" at least in the world of women I grew up in (and perhaps the male world as well) was considered a bad thing.

So what are the effects of male chastity? Maybe there are none, but read a few blogs and you'll be exposed to the theory. The theory goes like this: Because you can no longer touch yourself and give yourself pleasure, and because all of your pleasure is now contingent upon her whim / desire, you'll find yourself focusing more on her and her happiness, and less on yourself.

As a man, this sounds like a magic pill, a Godsend. I have in most of my relationships been selfish and lazy, so it would be nice to have some kick in the pants in the right direction. It's not an easy thing to put her needs ahead of my own, but I'd like to do it. I can imagine being the guy I'd like to be with a lover, but it's not an easy thing to put into practice.

There are also plenty of books that demonstrate clearly how to turn a man into your dream submissive, how to manipulate him and yes, even condition him (drool) into finding sexual pleasure in even performing household chores.

Is it all true? Like anything, the reality of it is what you make of it, but the fantasy can be anything you like.


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