Sunday, August 3, 2014

NEW BOOK: The Pink Doll

Is the cover too bland, you think? I'll have to see it once it's on Amazon. If it's too blank and uninteresting, I guess I'll have to redesign it.

Yeah, but what is it about?

Okay, "The Pink Doll" is a short story about a boy who is in a relationship with a girl, only the girl is kinky, see? So once when he's tied up and blindfolded, he accidentally sees this pink doll sex toy she has. Ah, and then, she forbids him from playing with it, and then of course he has to know what it's all about.

There are 3 other stories, since "The Pink Doll" was a short and I didn't want to offer it for .99 cents.

"A is for Amanda", which is about a boy named Alan running to play Grandmother's game for the Summer. Although his mother is rather worried about the game, she has enjoyed having a little girl around the house each Summer, but this particular year, Grandma decides to switch things up and change him into a hormonal teenage girl. Fun and excitement ensures. The idea behind this change is that Grandma is able to hold onto to Alan's soul or memories while switching his existence with another version of himself (or herself) from a parallel dimension.

The third story is called "The Interview". So, Susan is meeting with Mistress Monica, and lovely, perfect, gorgeous Monica is giving her the up close and personal how to of her process. Then she marches out her lovely prototype, Maid Candi, which just happens to be Susan's husband. I'll stop right there and let that just hang in the air, unfulfilled. Muah.

And finally the last story, which concerns me because I have 2 Femdom stories back to back. . . . the last story is "The Mighty Fall but with a Finger". Rod "breaks" sissies for Mistress Valentina, meaning he uses his amazing cock to fuck her sissies in just the right way to give them an enromous prostate orgasm, which is so intense it makes them melt and give up the last of their maleness, turning them all girly inside. Valentina, however, criticizes him for not being a little more sympathetic. "They love me," Rod tells her. "No, they love your cock," she corrects. "Same thing." But is it? Rod, the poor sap, allows himself to be talked into a bet with the Mistress. She swears she can make him beg to be feminized. He thinks not.

So there you have it. It's not a new book, but I needed a break after "So You've Been Transformed into a Woman". That thing exhausted me. On a side note, I'm considering moving away from the TG themed stories and moving into a more mainstream genre like erotica BDSM aimed at women or maybe even just straight out romance. I'm not in it for the money, but it has crossed my mind that if I decided to write things that brought in a decent monthly, annual salary, I might change jobs to something less stressful.



Sally Bend said...

Sounds like a fantastic collection, hon, and I quite like the cover. :)

jennyele said...

Please finish 9 portals before moving totally away from tg themes