Sunday, June 22, 2014

So, you've been transformed into a Woman!?

So, you've been transformed into a woman!? God, this thing took forever to write. It's not straight-forward fiction. It's a "reference". After awhile, I think I feel like I'm writing the same story, so when I get an idea for something different I want to seize on it.

In the back of my mind, of course, I'm imagining readers saying, "no, uh, no, we want the same thing over and over again!"

Well, maybe, but oh well. This took too long to write. I'll say that much, and it felt like it kept going on and on and on. I kept thinking of new chapter titles and then kept thinking, oh, now I have to write to that chapter!?

I've been reading TG fiction for a very long time. I've read just about every theme from the Medallion of Zulo to the Spells R Us and all the maid stories and school girl stories and turn-about secretary stories. It occurred to me I have a lot of inadvertent knowledge about a subject that probably no one cares about but me. Even with that, I still ended up having to do research. I really intended to create more graphics as well. There are some, but not as many as I'd intended, but then towards the end of this thing, honestly, I started deleting chapter titles and thinking, okay, I already addressed that.

For example, I have sections on: My secretary tricked me into changing places with her!?; I'm stuck in a virtual world!?; How do I get out of this bodysuit!?; I've been bodyswapped!? and so on and so on. Every scenario I could think of that were essential plots to some poor guy getting feminized. I got tired of writing so I get rid of some chapters like: I don't want to be a school girl, but can I keep the cute skirt!? and I'm in the French Maid uniform but I don't know how to clean!?

I'm not sure if anyone will miss them. My biggest fear is that people will think it's repetitious. My second biggest fear is that it started out pretty humorous but ended up with  me writing things as if they were real and this is what you have to do to cope, etc. At this point, I'm too close to the material and I need to give it some space. I don't want to just run around the prose injecting humor because I think it will stand out and be obvious.

Well, it was a good idea. I'm not sure I pulled it off. Sometimes I read the reviews people write and I shake my head. Especially there is a difference between UK reviewers and US reviewers. Almost polar opposite actually. While UK loves one book, US reviewers pan it and visa versa, but then how much credence do I pay to the few people willing to write a review? Well, a little, but it doesn't change what or how I write.


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