Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Series-interruptus (Oh, yeah, and a new book!)

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

I knew I would start this long nine part series and some other story idea (a.k.a. fantasy) would pop into my head and interrupt everything.

Also, I wonder about timing in publishing. "Surrender" was ready to publish a few weeks ago, but I'd just put out "Belief" so I wondered if I should wait and pace it or just plop them all out there. Well, I waited for a bit and watched. I'm not sure there is a benefit to waiting, except I guess I was trying to keep a nice, regular publishing schedule.

Anyway, I've had 2 stories plaguing me, wanting to be written, nagging my daydreams and last weekend I started on one of them. The Nine Portals universe has 4 stories written. I just need to revise the next 2 before publishing.

I saw a review on Belief, which always bittersweet. Sweet when I get good ratings (I know I shouldn't care, but I do; it's a matter of pride, ego?); bitter when someone doesn't like it. I try to remind myself that I write because I like it, not because others like it, but it's something that I struggle with. The review was positive, but it talked about "a few typos". Agonizing. I did a quick spell / grammar check and only found one typo, so now I'll have to go through the whole thing and see if there are any others.

If anyone cares to spot them for me, that would be awesome. I'll even throw in a free copy of a future work. Free stuff! See?

So the 2 stories that are to come in the Nine Portals Universe find Henry in the body of a futuristic cam girl (in a bubble in space of all things, always on display, always available). I hope it's nice and intense. The one after that has Henry in an android maid's body, programmed to find sexual ecstasy in chores and of course the usual sexy good times with her owners. These are both written and just need revised. The last one, which I have not yet started, has Henry in the body of a prostitute, a "kitkat" girl, a little neko (kitty girl) who is rescued / abducted by a space pirate.

The 2 stories I'm working on outside of the Nine Portals Universe are hopefully fun, too. I tried to find a way to fit them into Nine Portals, but they didn't seem to want to go there. The one I'm writing on now is called "Harem", where a nice young man indulges in the ultimate girly vacation (Harem Girl Bootcamp) and finds it far more seductive than he imagined. And finally, "A Tale of Two Maids" (also not yet written), about a husband and wife who decide to work at a resort for the insanely rich as maids.

So, there you go. More stories on the way, even with my normal job keeping me hectic and exhausted, and hopefully more fun.

Lastly, I worry that I'm charging too much for Nine Portals. I had this little conversation with Ann Michelle on her site about such short word counts for 2.99. In the review on "Belief" there was that remark. "...a bit short".

I'm still undecided. Should the Nine Portals series be .99? I can always put together a compilation when they're all done for a decent price.


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Anonymous said...

I find most TG Fiction on Amazon rather less than good as well as somewhat brief and very poor value for money. I notice that fewer writers are telling potential buyers the length. I don't mind paying for a good, absorbing story of a length I can get my teeth into but much on offer are short poorly written pot-boilers.

I'm not looking for one-handed fiction (well, not completely :) ) but what turns me on is more in the head than the body. I loved your 'Little Brown Girl' because of that. I liked 'Her Turn' a lot though the ending disappointed a bit.

Of you last two, I preferred 'Redemption ...' over 'Belief'. I felt they were both a little short and disappointed slightly because I look to you for a long, though not always cosy read.

I look forward to the two stories outside the current series which doesn't appeal so much for some reason that's not your fault.

You may recall that I'm editing a huge story right now. It's finished - all 867 pages of it - and we're going through it again. Should be posted soon (FM and/or Deviantart I think (not my decision)

best wishes

Robyn Hoode