Monday, February 17, 2014

Harem - FREE for a limited time

Harem is the new book that's been plaguing me like mosquitoes on a picnic.

And I thought I'd try out the FREE promotion thingie that KDP (Amazon / Kindle) offers. It will be free from 2/18/14 - 2/22/14.

Originally I'd thought about posting it for free on Fictionmania. I haven't posted a story there in months and I miss it. Fictionmania has been good to me. It's been good to a lot of us. Far back at the beginning of the internet (gather round the fire, children), I found a few TG fiction sites. It was an eye opener. It was the first time that I realized other people had the same fantasies as I did.

I'd written some little knock-off stories by then, but nothing dramatic. My writing was mostly in other genres. I knew other people had the same fantasies as I did because their stories fit into my head perfectly.

Sites like Fictionmania made me feel almost normal and for someone that prides himself on being a little different, this was strangely important. So I posted a few stories here and there, nothing really good, but by the time I began posting on Fictionmania I was writing the kinds of stories I wanted to read, and they weren't cheap knock-offs anymore. They were stories that came right out of the root of my head.

Harem is such a story. It's in first person and it takes me back to the kind of stories I remember loving. It's about a far-off place in the Middle East that offers the ultimate fantasy: being a Harem girl.

Harem girls are sexy. One part stripper, one part Geisha, they're submissive and fun and in this story our hero decides to sign up and be one for four weeks. It is, at its heart, a hypnotic tale. My two top fantasies combined: TG and hypno (or it could just be the subby girl that drives them both).

When he gets there, all the control easily slips from his grasp. He slips down the rabbit hole and by the time he realizes what's happened, it's too late.

I ended up liking the story too much. I always do this. I write something for free to post on Fictionmnia, then turn around and fall in love with it.

So, it's free for the next 5 days.

If you like it, write a review. I'm learning not to read them, because the negative ones just ruin my day. If you really like it, write me an email.

If you don't, well you don't. There's nothing I can do about that.

I swear, the second I finished it, I turned right around and started revising it. I couldn't wait to get it up. I stopped revising only  long enough to design a cover. I find I'm enjoying designing covers much more now that I'm not drawing my own. Maybe it's just the chance to look at a lot of photos beautiful women.

On another point: Belief is still selling strong. Surrender (which I only published a few days ago) is off to a weak start. Redemption at the Rose Saloon is still outselling it. Everything else is just a trickle. Well, I didn't really get into this for the money, did I? Still, it's nice when I see the numbers, but then I only second guess myself anyway (Oh, they're just buying it for the cover). Well, maybe so, but I write because I like doing it. It's easy to forget that.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tom. Downloaded and read it. Excellent and it didn't take quite the path I expected but that's good, isn't it?


Tom Tame said...

I admit, Marcy was a bit of a setup. I was hoping for a little misdirection.

mignon's stuff said...

I would love to see a new epilogue where little flower runs into Marcy the following year… ;)