Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Her Turn - Updated!!

It's up and Amazon should have emailed everyone with easy to follow instructions.

That's it. No more writing on the story. I may do a revision just to fix some grammar and/or spelling in the future, but those will be minor adjustments.

I can't believe I started writing in this March. Is that right?

Her Turn, love it or hate it, is finally done. I hope it doesn't seriously derail from anyone's expectations, but it went where it went. Way back when, I'd posted the first part on Literotica and got cheers and jeers, then ended it with a sharp turn. I could've kept going and the story would've been a lot shorter, but I liked throwing the ball back to Tom's hands, knowing full well he wouldn't keep it for long.

At the present time, it's a 3 Star story, which I'm very pleased about. It could be worse, since there are a few negative reviews. I hope over time a few more reviews will come in and that they will be positive. It makes a difference. I don't care about the sales that much, but I do like reading reviews from people who like what I've done. I've received emails from some of you, and I'm about as grateful as I could be. If I could, I'd fashion a homemade Tinkerbell wand and give you all the Christmas gift of a lifetime.

This frees me up to get back to my other projects which don't involve TG at all, but I'll be returning. I'm not sure what I'll write on next to be honest. I miss sci-fi, but my mind drifts every now and then to a Western, which I haven't seen much of in the TG genre. There could be a good reason for that, of course, but really . . . an old rugged cowboy bandit turned into a sweet showgirl in a Miss Rose's brothel? Hmm, it has possibilities. And what will his gang of bad boys say? Or will they be too busy changing themselves?

That's it for Her Turn. Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, and left reviews. You don't know much I enjoy all of it.



mignon's stuff said...

Hiya Tom,

I can't believe this story has only gotten a 3 star rating. I grabbed a recently had time to read it and found it to be one of my favorite TG Fiction stories I can remember reading. Certainly one of my favorites I've read in the last couple of years.

Some folks at Amazon complained about the length, but I thought it was a wonderful length. In fact, I would have loved to have had a whole chapter exploring the relationships that you lightly touched on over the last page or so.

Others complained that it wasn't real enough, but I personally prefer fantasy fiction to realistic stuff. I guess if it's hypnosis, part of the appeal is the hope that it could actually happen. After all, that makes it more "dangerous". But, I was thrilled once there was some "magical science" to take place later on.

I've posted a review at my blog: http://miggyd.tfblogssite.com/2014/09/11/668/ if you are interested in reading it.

Is there any chance you'll be adding any more stories to your smashwords account? I prefer smashwords to amazon, since I tend to believe they pay the author more…but, I could be wrong.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the story.

mignon's stuff said...

Here is the correct URL for the review. Wordpress sometimes makes me crazy with it's tendency to autosave old versions or blank posts immediately after you save…