Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HER TURN is done!



Well, for me at least. It didn't help that I got sidetracked to another writing project. When I finally managed to get back to working on Her Turn, I felt I'd lost the story and the characters and had to go back to the beginning and read.

Now, after weeks of writing when I had the chance (usually an hour or so in the morning before work), it's done. I feel like it's the story that wouldn't end. I also should've posted what I had done, but I really wanted to finish it and make one final post. After a few emails asking if I was ever going to finish it, I realize that might have been a mistake.

Anyway, Her Turn is a finished product and except for some reviewing and editing, I'll be posting the big finale on Amazon this week. Unfortunately, it can take up to two weeks for Amazon to review the changes and activate the Update feature. As soon as I see it activated, however, I will post another update.

In all honesty, looking back, I feel I should've split the book into two parts, but it also doesn't feel right to charge another 2.99 for part two when they really belong together. I'm not sure what the word count is, but at the moment it feels like an epic. It's not, believe me, but the baby always feels biggest when it's coming out of you. (I trust women on this since at this moment I'm unaware of any uterine features in myself.)

I plan to take a break, work a few other projects and start writing again, but I'll be honest, I miss science fiction. There's not a lot of great TG sci-fi. Maxwell Avoi has done quite a bit, and what I've read hasn't been too bad. It's not quite Jack Chalker, Heinlein or John Varley, but it's more of an even split of sci-fi and TG. I wrote some shorts about a man taking a vacation and ending up trapped in an android sex doll in the Gulliver universe that I've been considering revising and adding to.

For those who have been reading, thanks for you patience!



Anonymous said...

Excellent news. Now all I have to do is hurry up and wait some more :) It really is an excellent story.

I quite like your SF stories but they but not as much as ones like this or Little Brown Girl. Never the less I know I'll be unable to resist any future novels by you.

It seems Amazon isn't the best place to post on-going stories that need to be updated.


Maxwell Avoi said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! I'll have to look up some your stories. Keep on writing!