Sunday, November 23, 2014

NEW: Pinsedo

Pinsedo is the new book. I won't explain the meaning of the title; there's a little twist to it.

I'd started writing this before Femmer, but it wasn't flowing very well and I lost interest. Maybe it was just the Halloween season. My brain (or libido) decided it wanted a little Halloween tale. At 226 pages (estimated by Amazon), it's a longer story than I have been writing.

One of the things I'll say is that I'm really happy with the cover. The next thing I'll say is that due to the small size of covers on Amazon and other places, you can't always see the hard work that goes into making covers. It's a process of trying to make titles pop and making images big on a small space.

I download my pictures from Dreamstime (legal and paid for, just so you know), and it doesn't usually cost but a few dollars. I usually start with an idea and when I can't find a picture that accomplishes it, I go to plan B: Find a picture that makes an impact when I first view it and that is roughly representative of the story I've written. A prime example is Femmer. I had really wanted a pretty female face being touched by a pretty female hand, but nothing quite worked. In the end, I found a sexy witch and put the titles over it.

One of the issues I've noticed is I can't just find a perfect photo. Especially when it's of a person, I have to find one where the top of her head isn't cut off or I know I'm going to have compensate for that on the cover. In most cases I'm going to manipulate the photo a little, but if I find I'm spending hours and hours (or will have to), then that means the photo is just too far off or my concept has to be adjusted.

In the early days I'd just draw what I wanted, but I'm not that good of an artist and it would take a long time and I still wouldn't be happy with it. At this point, I'm pretty happy looking for royalty free photos. It's fun to go searching for them and to collect photos that I think might work.

Usually, before I actually pay for the photo, I make a copy (ignoring the Dreamstime watermark) and do a quick mock-up. Once I've got the mock-up where I like it, if the cover works, then I buy the photo and do it all over again.

I can't say I have another idea in mind for what's next, but I'm considering doing a follow up to The Pink Doll. The idea would be I take each of the shorts and continue it with another short. So, "A for Amanda" would have "B for Betty" as the next story (or something like that). It would be like 4 continuing short story series. Thoughts?

I did get some nice emails from people who responded to different stories. Some people wanted more of Mistress Valentina ("The Mighty Fall but with a Finger"), a story about how Mistress Valentina teaches her bull a lesson about sympathy for her feminized victims by betting him she can break him with just the touch of one finger. I had some other strong comments on "The Interview", a story about a wife discussing the results of her husband's maid feminization with the institution's Mistress. It seems like the less romantic stories tend to get the most notice, which is a shame because I love romance.

As always, I value your time and attention and if you send me notice of grammar / spelling errors from any of my books, I'll be happy to send you the free book of your choice.


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