Saturday, December 28, 2013

News: Nine Portals: Henry's Game - Untitled?

Is this who I will become after I read the new series of books from Tom Tame?!?
This delicious woman is as perfect as I can imagine. What about you? Is she not to your taste? Do you prefer blondes, redheads, larger breasts . . . something else?

I'm crazy. I've always known it, but sometime it becomes obvious.

I've had a little idea about a very rich man being approached with a "game" and finding that the game turned him into a woman. That's all I had, but after finishing Redemption at the Rose Saloon, I decided to try writing on it a little to see if I had anything.

A week later, I revised it by deleting the first page or so. This is actually pretty common with me as I find I frequently have to write my way into a story the long way around.

So, there I am writing when I come to a part where the main character, Henry Young, finally asks what the name of the game is.

The answer is: Nine Portals.

It dawns on me much later that if Henry has only played the first level of the "game" and interacted only with the first "portal" then that means I have eight portals left to write.

Why do I do this to myself? That means I have nine stories to write, nine books.

So at this moment, I've begun the fourth book in the series. I originally intended to publish it whole, but realized it would be very long and that I really liked the idea of a series, but I want each of the books to be self contained. If you buy book three, say, it's whole and you don't need to have read the other two books to understand what's going on.

This means I have to write either an introduction to each story (which frankly feels a little like cheating) or I have to slip in the pertinent details of the other books so that the reader won't be scratching their head.

Each book will be Henry's journey into a world where he struggles with a new female form, but each will also advance the overall story of why this happening and where it will all lead.

I'm ready to post the first book now, but I want to take some time and do one more revision before I let it go. The process of asking Amazon to activate the update feature is a little annoying to me, so I'd prefer not to do that.

On another note, I changed the cover to Redemption at the Rose Saloon. I'm curious to see if it will make a difference. The other cover was hastily put together and I didn't like it. I have no plans to change any of the other covers, but in the future I'm really considering going with the photographic covers, rather than the illustrated ones.

Searching for royalty free images has been interesting. I did a lot of research and reviewed the books of those that I enjoy and I found that not many authors are crediting their image sources. Also, most of these places have language about not having their photos used in porn. Here's hoping they mean on pornographic sites and not as ebook covers to erotica.

At the moment, I've chosen Dreams Time as my source because they A. have a buy per image rate rather than forcing a subscription on you, which isn't worth it to me because I'm not downloading enough images to justify the expense and B. they don't seem to have the same TOS as some of the other sites.


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Anonymous said...

That's good to hear, Tom. There seems to be a dearth of well-written TG fiction of a satisfying depth and length right now. The premise is interesting and I'm wondering at the variety of changes you're anticipating.

I bought 'Redemption ..." and, whilst I enjoyed it, didn't find it as good a read as either 'Little Brown Girl' (my favourite) or 'Her Turn'. Not sure if the cover had much effect on my buying decision - probably not. Perhaps it is because, as a Briton, neither the era nor the background particularly appeals.

Had a very quick look at the illustration site you mention. Not sure if it means anything but over 90% of the 'people' pictures were female :)

Robi (still working on a very long story. The author assures me that the end is nigh - posted end of Jan?)